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Executive Course in Shipping Law

An innovative Executive Course in Shipping Law offered by the Queen Mary University of London and Hellenic Management Center in Greece

Application deadline:
30 September 2023

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    Duration: 27 teaching hours over 5 weeks
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    Application Status: Open
  • Delivered Online

Hellenic Management Centre, in collaboration with the Centre for Commercial Law Studies of Queen Mary University of London, offers a new Executive Course in Shipping Law designed to address the needs of professionals working in the shipping industry who, on a daily basis, come across critical aspects of international trade and maritime law.

This course is designed to provide a rigorous dissection of the legal issues affecting all parts of the shipping industry. The course does not assume any legal knowledge and includes an introduction to contract law and agency law principles – the key pillars of many elements of maritime law. The broad spectrum of topics addressed in this course is one of its distinctive features. Academics and shipping industry practitioners will be delivering highly engaged lectures encouraging class discussions and and debates.


  • Chartering and operation executives
  • Claims handlers and marine insurance professionals
  • Commodity traders
  • Paralegals in international law firms
  • Solicitors with exposure to shipping transactions
  • Shipbrokers
  • Freight forwarders
  • Master mariners and those with seagoing experience
  • Law students / graduates


The course will provide learners with:

  • the opportunity to familiarise with widely used standard contract terms and understand what they mean for their organisations and their clients
  • an appreciation of the legal liabilities that arise from accidents or incidents that occur during maritime operations or cargo handling
  • a chance to engage with the legal effects of contractual breaches, including cargo claims, crew claims, and other common disputes

“Gain practical and valuable knowledge from expert instructors in the field of shipping law. Our course provides a deeper understanding of critical aspects of shipping law that can be applied directly to real-world scenarios and challenges, giving you the skills you need to succeed.”  

“The Executive Course in Shipping Law blends theoretical depth with practical insights giving executives the confidence to manage a range of complex issues intertwined with legal aspects. Whatever your current job role is, the Course is designed to empower you to make well-informed decisions and advance your career.”

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