HMC is conveniently located in the heart of one of the most important international shipping centres, Piraeus.

HMC’s premises is a neoclassical building, built in 1897, which has been restored but kept the special features of the neoclassical architecture.

The building is a unique sample of neoclassical architecture in Piraeus and has been characterized as ‘’preserved building’’ from the Greek Ministry of Culture.

HMC has a range of classrooms and meeting rooms to facilitate the learning experience. Students and faculty experience a modern and friendly academic environment.

All classrooms and meeting rooms are fully equipped with the most up to date means of presentation, projection and teaching facilities. HMC has a Library with great collection of books and journals, accessed by students during weekdays.

Located in the centre of Piraeus, the heart of an important European port, you can easily access HMC by the following ways:

With the tram and tube infrastructures being in process, the station of Dimotiko Theatro will be 300 metres away (2 mins walking distance).