Hellenic Management Centre celebrates 20 years of providing maritime professional training and education to the shipping industry. Through its Programmes, Short Courses and In-house training, it is firmly established as the Leading Professional Maritime Training and Education Centre in Greece in the fields of shipbroking and chartering, ship operation and management, shipping finance, maritime economics, marine insurance and shipping law.

Established in 1999, HMC has rapidly acquired a leading position in providing professional education and continuously builds on its excellent reputation among key players in the Greek shipping market. HMC’s Professional Seminars (open and tailor-made) have become a familiar feature in the training calendar for the shipping companies in Greece; covering the full spectrum of topics of the maritime industry.

HMC is also providing Human Resource and Consulting services to major shipping companies; proving the establishment of long-lasting customer relationships built all these years. With an enrollment of over 4,000 shipping practitioners and over 500 shipping companies, HMC has promoted job opportunities to hundreds of professionals. Taking into consideration the establishment of long-term customer relationships, we proceed to the provision of a wide range of HR services.


HMC believes to the long – life learning and is the management center which succeeds in providing valuable knowledge and human resource to its customers.

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    ICS Professional Maritime Programme
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    Professional Seminars
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    In house Training
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    HR Services

Competitive Advantages

  • Programmes & Courses adjusted to the industry’s needs
  • Flexible study, evening hours classes, having to put off existing commitments to work and family
  • The most advanced teaching methods and computer technology have been employed to facilitate instruction.
  • HMC conveniently located in Piraeus, the shipping center of Greece.

Goals & Objectives

  • To provide candidates with a rigorous and critical grounding in key generic areas of the complex shipping industry.
  • To enhance the candidate’s ability to evaluate practical business experience from a more critical perspective.
  • To develop awareness of the changing international shipping business environment.
  • To provide candidates with technical and problem-solving skills to enhance decision making in maritime business.
  • To solve shipping problems based on the study of previous cases.
  • To research interested maritime subjects and offer consultancy to companies.