Topic: How the Digital Revolution is affecting shipping markets: what’s in store

When: 16 September 2020, 15:00-16:00 (GREEK TIME)
Where: Online, GoToWebinar

We are delighted to invite you to the first webinar of our 4th Annual Series of Baltic ICS lectures. We kick off, focusing on the digital revolution and how it’s affecting shipping and professionals operating across our markets.
Why is it that bulk shipping remains so tech-fragmented with multiple platforms competing at each point in the supply-chain without the integration predicted in the days of dotcom? Tech evolution increasingly gathers pace but what does the future look like for those working in shipping and how will it support brokers, charterers, traders and operations, as we progress through the 20’s?
Our experts from The Signal Group take up these questions and give their take on how forerunners are using tech to carve out advantages today and what’s around the corner for pioneers of Shipping’s own, Digital Revolution.


Semiramis Assimakopoulou, VP of Sales, The Signal Group With 15 years of experience in oil & shipping, Semiramis began her career with Shell, before joining Signal. Passionate about technology, she commercialised The Signal Ocean Platform & holds a double engineering degree from NTUA & École Centrale Paris.
Ioannis Psarros, VP Commercial Operations, The Signal Group With a PhD in Electromagnetism, eight years as a radar engineer with the Hellenic Air Force and a brief stint in the start-up world as a founder of Livemycity O.E. Ioannis joined Signal as a tech specialist with a broad experience from operations to strategy.

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