Danaos Shipping ICS Greece

Students of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Greek Branch visited Danaos Shipping on Tuesday, 2nd of March 2022. Students had the chance to attend a very interesting and engaging presentation on the company’s functions delivered by the company’s Commercial Director, Mr. Filippos Prokopakis, the Commercial Team member, Mrs. Sophia Economou and the Deputy Training Manager, Cpt. Nikos Polymeris . Also, students gained a further insight into the current trends of the market while speakers shared their views on how the world of the container shipping will look like in the future, as trade cannot be seen as an isolation from the wider geopolitical development

Many thanks to Mr Filippos Prokopakis, our past student  Mrs. Sophia Economou, and Cpt. Nikos Polymeris for welcoming our students and for their enlightening session.