ESG in Shipping Online Seminar

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    Dates: 14, 16, 22 & 23 May 2024

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    Duration: 4 Sessions

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    Hours: 19:00 – 21:30 (GMT +3)

  • Fees: 500€ (Including tuition fees & reading material)
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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations have become integral to the shipping industry’s sustainability efforts. This online seminar provides a comprehensive exploration of ESG principles, their relevance to the shipping sector, and practical strategies for integrating ESG into corporate practices.


  1. Introduction to ESG in Shipping

– Overview of sustainability and ESG principles

  1. Environmental Aspect of ESG

– Understanding environmental sustainability

– Climate change and its impact in shipping

– Environmental Regulations (IMO, EU)

  1. Social Aspect of ESG

– Social responsibility and ethical practices

– Diversity, equity, and inclusion in shipping.

  1. Governance Aspect of ESG

– Corporate governance best practices

– Board diversity and independence

– Transparency and accountability

  1. ESG Reporting and Metrics

– ESG reporting frameworks (e.g.GRI, CSRD, SASB, TCFD)

– Key Performance indicators for measuring ESG performance

– Integrating ESG into financial reporting

  1. ESG Integration in Investment Decision-Making

– ESG risk assessment and management

– ESG factors in investment analysis

  1. ESG in Practice

– Developing an ESG strategy for a shipping company

– Monitoring and evaluating ESG performance

– Examples of successful ESG initiatives in shipping


The seminar will be delivered exclusively online by fully tutored learning through 4 sessions. Upon completing your registration, expect to receive a comprehensive email containing all details, including access links to each webinar. The seminar is delivered in English.

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  • Gain a holistic understanding of ESG principles and their application in the shipping industry.
  • Explore the environmental, social, and governance aspects of ESG and their implications for shipping operations.
  • Learn best practices for ESG reporting, metrics, and integration into investment decision-making.
  • Develop practical skills for formulating and implementing ESG strategies within shipping companies.
  • Identify successful ESG initiatives and case studies within the shipping industry.


This seminar is designed for professionals and stakeholders across the shipping industry spectrum, including but not limited to:

  • Executives and managers of shipping companies
  • Sustainability officers, Environmental specialists and ESG practitioners
  • Investors and financial analysts
  • Regulatory and compliance professionals
  • Consultants and advisors in the maritime sector
  • Graduates, Researchers and academics interested in sustainable shipping practices.

Tutor & CV

Helena Athoussaki, Chief Sustainability Officer, Motor Oil Group

Ms Athoussaki is the Chief Sustainability Officer at Motor Oil Group.  Awarded as the manager of the Year in 2022, Helena is presented by many years of experience in the Energy and Shipping sector focusing on Decarbonization and Sustainable development. During her carrier, Helena held sustainability leadership positions at international corporations, undertaking strategic assignments both for the private and public sector related to Decarbonization, Sustainable Finance and ESG integration. She is an active speaker and participant on various think tanks and working groups. Helena holds an MBA from ALBA, an MA from Middlesex University in UK and completed several executive programs at Oxford Said Business School and London Business School.